The new trackinapack HD GPS tracker. Click for more information.

“Introducing the new Global GPS asset tag trackinapack HD. Simply and securely attached to any trailer, plant machinery or high value asset for 24/7 PAY AS YOU GO gps tracking.”

Now have the added convenience and efficiency of the rugged all-weather GTT Asset Tag GPS tracking device with an all-new weatherproof magnetic battery pack enclosure.

“…reliable and secure tracking of outdoor assets…”

Current customers adding security and management of a variety of plant machinery, containers and outdoor assets include:

  • Waste management and storage bin companies
  • Plant and machinery hire firms
  • Outdoor equipment operators
  • Trailer operators and leasing companies

“…install in 1 second, forget about it for 6 months…”

The exceptionally efficient GTT Asset Tag battery pack allows for 6 months of unattended use of the GTT Asset Tag tracker with a dual-layered Lithium Ion batteries and an on-board motion sensor which automatically sends the tracker into hibernation mode after 5 minutes of no motion detection.

“..incredible, global tracking from such a small device size…”

GTT Asset Tag is Smaller than a credit card, measuring 2.59 inches by 1.41 inches, is .78 inches thick, and weighs in at only 2.68 ounces and can track as quickly as every 10 seconds.  At just 5.43 inches long, the GTT Asset Tag battery pack, housed in a waterproof, crush-proof Pelican™ case, is tough enough for virtually any application, and is conveniently compact.