GPS Ship Tracking

The Challenge
Operators and shippers are facing legislation demands, the threat of global terrorism and increasing operating costs combined with pressure to reduce charges. Therefore it is essential that fleets be managed efficiently whilst being compliant with new global maritime security regulations, which will affect many commercial vessels.

The Solution
Global Tracking Technologies can install on vessels a small, unobtrusive solution for tracking, tracing, messaging and security – operating worldwide, 365 days-a-year. It provides seamless worldwide coverage for the remote tracking of maritime vessels, whether in port or on passage in any ocean.

Using a network of communication satellites, information is provided to operators, owners and onboard crew with accurate reports of their vessels’ position and status, globally. Our solution can transmit position reports to our tracking software platform, and automatic generation and messaging of warnings to indicate alerts and alarms. For security, the system comprises duplicated panic-buttons, test switches and backup power supplies, to ensure that the crew can alert the shore-side authorities of either threatened or actual terrorist activity or piracy.

The Benefits

• Optimised fleet management and reduction in insurance premiums.

• Knowing the location and status of each vessel 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, anywhere in the world, greatly improves planning.

• Built-in messaging facilities support efficient fleet management by providing optimised routing information, enabling additional cargo collections and new charter opportunities to be matched to changing demand.

• Meets the IMO requirements for Ship Security Alert Systems and Long-Range Tracking.

• Our software enables the location, speed and heading of vessels to be tracked and monitored from any desktop or laptop with an Internet connection

• Brings numerous benefits across asset management, logistics planning and security monitoring – to shipping lines, barge and fleet operators, and search & rescue organisations, as well as to harbour authorities, charter companies and individual owners.

Recommended Ship Tracking Devices:


The SC2-VMS is one of the most advanced, multi-functional yet cost effective, vessel tracking and data communication devices available and provides accurate global positional data (location, course, speed) in real time and to within two metres.

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