GPS Package Tracking

Why Consider GPS Package Tracking?

Logistics and courier companies are increasingly demanding the ability to track a package and accurately determine its location. By being able to do this, lost, misplaced and stolen assets are minimised, workforce costs are reduced and throughput and productivity is increased. For customers, they get a high level of confidence in their courier company knowing where their package is. This leads to having a smoother operation and keeping customers informed of delivery times and schedules.

gps package tracking

Shipment sent from London to New York. Tracked using trackinapack technology. Click to enlarge.


“Technology breakthrough…Autonomous, GPS and cellular connectivity…” 

Existing, ‘standard’ GPS technology is not of good enough standard to perform within the covered environments such as warehousing, trucks or inside crate and cargo so Global Tracking Technologies have integrated a unique solution that addresses these problems to ensure that packages are visible no matter where they are stored.

The small, wireless package tracker we use has been specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial carriers who need to be able to track high value packages. The device tracks the package’s exact location and send that information to our software using wireless communications.


Shipment fitted with trackinapack loaded at London Heathrow. Click to enlarge.

“21st Century Shipment Security … GPS Package Tracking Benefits…”

  • Can be discreetly inserted into a variety of packages
  • Works where conventional GPS does not
  • Supports central package location management
  • No expensive monthly subscriptions

Shipment fitted with trackinapack system arrives at JFK airport. Click to enlarge


Recommended GPS Package Tracking Devices:

GTT’s trackinapack Package Tracker is a small wireless package tracking device specifically designed to meet the needs of carriers who need to track high-value packages. Unlike other solutions, it is specifically designed for packages: small size, low cost and a long battery life.

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