GPS Container Tracking

Why Use A GPS Container Tracking System?

Benefits Of GPS Container Tracking & Freight Tracking

Shippers want to be able to give their clients accurate information on the whereabouts of the containers, anywhere enroute: over the ocean AND overland in a seamless and efficient way.

Governments want to ensure that cargo arriving on land is properly taxed and that no ‘leakage’ is occurring during transit. They also want to know that dangerous goods aren’t being smuggled into their country.

Importers want to ensure that the goods they are bring into a country will arrive securely, complete and intact. They also want to know WHEN they will arrive and be ready for pick up.

Realtime Monitoring of Container At Jebel Ali Port, Dubai

• All companies and organisations involved in the process can have access to the system

• It isn’t reliant on continuous GSM or Satellite connectivity

• Monitor the opening and closing of container doors, reefer temperatures combined with GPS positioning and movement sensors

• Positions of containers and ships plotted to within 10 metres using the Global Tracking Technologies system

• Global Tracking Technologies can provide a full turnkey service, as well as financing for the system regardless of number of shipments and containers.

Container tracking across Malaka Straits to Port of Mumbai. Click to enlarge.

“….Global Tracking Technology Have The Best Range of Container Tracking Systems …”

Global Tracking Technologies has developed several sophisticated and groundbreaking container tracking solutions for governments and shipping lines across the Globe for the management, control and tracking of container shipments using gps freight tracking:

trackinapack:HDplus GPS-GPRS Container Tracking Device
“Low Cost, Pinpoint Accurate Container Tracking With Unique, Classified Container Security Technology That Installs In Seconds and Operates For Months.”
Designed specifically for container shippers and beneficial cargo owners, the trackinapackHDplus is now providing total container security across the world.
SC2 GPS -SATCOM Global Container Tracker
“…across land, sea and air, this is a state of the long life asset tracking device used in Iraq, Afghanistan and in locations where cellular signals don’t reach…” This tag represents a breakthrough in satellite-based asset monitoring and tracking technology. The sc2 provides GPS visibility, event monitoring and remote asset data on a near global basis. Read more about SC2