GPS Asset Tracking

The GPS Asset Tracking Challenge

Companies and individuals are possessing ever increasing assets of high monetary and emotional value. Quite often these assets are kept indoors, outdoors and subject to the weather, or often within the premises of a client e.g. plant hire.

Up to now, the technology behind GPS location and tracking, hasn’t been able to deliver a complete solution – a solution that can tell you where the asset is, if it is being moved and enable it to retrieved – all running from its own, internal power supply and being of a small size. Global Tracking Technology™ have been integrating a variety of hardware technology to enable truly global high value asset tracking.

The GPS Asset Tracking Solutions
Global Tracking Technology™ have a range of small, portable, self powered units which, when fitted to any asset either fixed or in transit, can continuously monitor its condition and report its exact location. Global will choose the most optimum solution based on the environment and operating requirements.

Recommended GPS Asset Tracking Devices:

gps asset tracking

trackinapack: click image to find out more

Bringing together all the conveniences of the original TrackinaPack™ GPS tracking device but adding some extra major technological advances. Customers all over the world have been adding Global’s GPS tracking technology to their equipment, people and high value assets to provide that reassuring 24/7 extra layer of visibility and security. With the new TrackinaPack:2X™ GPS tracking has been taken to a whole new level.

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The GlobalTag Global Tracking Device

GlobalTag click image to find out more

GlobalTag is a data rich GPS tracking device equipped with a Satellite Modem and a GPS Receiver. This tag is suited for tracking high value assets throughout the supply chain. GlobalTag is capable of tracking an asset with or without active RFID infrastructure.

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