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“…across land, sea and air, this is a state of the art long life tracking device used in remote regions, across all oceans and in locations where cellular signals don’t reach…”

The GlobalTag Global Tracking Device. Click to enlarge.

The GlobalTag Global Tracking Device. Click to enlarge.

gps tracking africa with globaltag

Realtime tracking from factory in France to destination in Africa. Click to enlarge.


This gps tracking device represents a breakthrough in satellite-based asset monitoring and tracking technology. Operating on a satellite data network, the Global Tag provides GPS visibility, event monitoring and remote asset data on a near global basis.

  • Only 7.25 x 3.25 x 1 inch (184 x 83 x 25 mm)
  • Weighs only 13 ounces (369g)
  • Internal motion sensor and highly configurable event alarms
  • Carries the highest environmental ratings available for any satellite or terrestrial tracking device.
global tag container tracking system

GlobalTag with door sensor fitted to shipping container. Click to enlarge.

“…GlobalTag provides commercial and government customers with the most cost-effective satellite solution available for both fixed and mobile applications such as intermodal shipping containers, vessels, trailers, buoys and barges…”

globaltag gps tracking software

Globaltag gps tracking software (click to enlarge)


“Highly Configurable and Can Be Used For Tracking A Variety of Assets”


GlobaTag has been fixed on thousands of assets including ocean buoys, remote power generators and shipping barges


GlobalTag is used by companies for multiple types of applications including:

  • Container tracking and integration with container tracking software
  • Asset security
  • Ship and boat tracking and security
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Buoy tracking
  • Barge tracking
  • Machinery tracking and security


globaltag gps ship container tracking

Realtime, Live tracking fron Southampton, UK to New York, USA

View realtime updates from GlobalTag whilst your asset is in port

“Long-Life, Low Maintenance, Easy Install”

Delivering up to seven years of uninterrupted service on a single and easily field-replaceable lithium battery, the Global Tag can be installed, activated and operational in less than one minute. The Global Tag is able to track and monitor any asset nearly instantly. The Global Tag is the product of choice for applications requiring low-maintenance, long-life solutions.


GlobalTag Can Be Mounted Easily. Click to enlarge.

“…The pinpoint accuracy of the Global Tag GPS chipset and satellite communications provides more reliable tracking of remote assets than cellular LBS systems or proximity RFID tags because it communicates dependably via satellite extending its range far beyond cellular and RFID coverage…”

  • For expansion, the functionality of the Global Tag is enhanced through the serial USB port.
  • Supporting up to eight external sensors, the Global Tag provides additional capabilities to meet the demands of real-time security, alarm reporting and asset conditions.
  • The internal motion sensor and highly configurable event alarms help customers manage their security concerns when high-value assets are at risk.
  • The open architecture allows complete and secure data integration and is compatible with virtually any legacy supply chain, logistics or tracking application.

View the GlobalTag device spec. Click to enlarge.

“…Want A Realtime View Of Your Assets 24/7? GlobalTag Includes Web Based Tracking, Mapping and Charting…”

GlobalTag includes web-based mapping and asset management software allowing you to obtain complete visibility of your assets from any Internet connection worldwide. The web-based solution requires no downloads and provides mapping, display, and management tools for many tens of thousands of assets.

Tracking assets from Port of Mumbai inland to destination. Click to enlarge.

Container tracking across Malaka Straits to Port of Mumbai. Click to enlarge.

globaltag gps tracking software

Track Container Inside a Port. Click to enlarge