covert gps tracking package tracking“Track all your shipments, packages and high value assets using our brand new, assisted GPS, miniature gps tracker.”

The TrackinaPack is a very small and powerful live tracking GPS device designed specifically for covert high value shipment tracking in 150+ countries.

“…designed for these specialist requirements…”

  • monitoring international shipments
  • tracking skids and pallets
  • tracking down stolen goods
  • tracking goods inside containers

“…fully inclusive, worldwide GPS’s what you get…”

  1. High sensitive, small gps tracker with built-in high power battery
  2. SIM card with global GPRS data access. You do not need to buy one.
  3. Free online tracking software with Google StreetView maps
  4. Email and telephone tech support

“…instantly solves the problems of global, covert GPS tracking…”

When you are wanting global visibility of your shipments and packages you will have come up against the following problems with traditional GPS tracking devices:

  • poor battery life
  • international roaming with SIM cards and expensive SMS and data costs
  • weak GPS signals when the device is inside warehouses and other buildings
  • large device size
  • complicated, ‘clunky’ software interfaces

“….We Have Solved These Problems AND Created A Device That Works For YOU…”

We believe in making matters very simple. The ‘Track in a Pack’ tracking solution works once you remove it from the box, switch on and you’re tracking live. Can we make it any easier than that? Yes we can …

  • The device comes with a SIM card pre-installed
  • Just switch it on and login .. then you are up and running
  • Multi-lingual software interface
  • There are no activation costs or subscription fees
  • Our online gps tracking control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none

“…Track & Manage Your Devices Easily 24/7..”

TrackinaPack gives you the ability locate your goods from your mobile phone as well as track and locate from our easy to use web based gps tracking software.

Realtime SMS Geofence Alerts

Latest position and device status

“…new for 2013 …. Realtime Tracking With Street View…”

Realtime GPS Tracking with StreetView


Our FREE tracking software gives you access to easy to use features such as:

  • Locate the tracker on demand
  • Easily change the frequency interval when you want to locate your gps package tracker
  • Simply set a 360 degree virtual perimeter around an area known as a Geo-fence (when your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an SMS to your mobile phone notifying you)
  • Quickly call the device from your mobile phone, it will return the address location details via SMS.
  • Combine these features with on demand real time tracking with easy to use location history reports

Track In A Pack Interface. Click to enlarge.

Easy-To-use Settings and Management. Click to enlarge.

GPS Tracking Breadcrumbing History. Click to enlarge.

“…Pay as you go tracking. No more expensive subscriptions..”

With our free software you only pay for what you use. This is how it works:

You can see in realtime how many credits you have used. Click to enlarge.

‘POSITIONS LEFT’ … Each time a trackinapack send back a message, usually a location, we deduct one credit.

‘SMS CREDITS LEFT’ …. Sometimes you may need to send a new instruction to your trackinapack, perhaps a change to the tracking interval, or to perform a location on demand. This uses up your messaging credits.

“….add new credits using our secure online portal…”

You can purchase credits in different volumes to suit your budget, throughour online payment portal in partnership with PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will the ‘Track in a Pack’ work once I remove it from the box?

A.To view the ‘Track in a Pack’ you will use our online software located at You will be asked for your Device id code, this can also be found inside the ‘Track in a Pack’ box. Switch your device on and you are now tracking live.

Q. Do I have to call the ‘Track in a Pack’ customer service to activate my device?

A. No. The ‘Track in a Pack’ solution allows you complete freedom.

Q. How do we add credit from different countries if we are not in USA or Europe etc etc?

A. allows you to add more positions to your panel regardless what country you live in

Q. Can I set safe zones and receive alerts to my mobile phone, also do I have to pay for these alerts?

A. You can set safe zones. You will also be informed if your ‘Track in a Pack’ panic button is activated. Further SMS credits can be added via

Q. Can I track my ‘Track in a Pack’ on more than one computer?

A. Yes, because the software is web based, you can access your devices from multiple computers and mobile devices.

Q. Does the ‘Track in a Pack’ have a warranty and if I have a problem what is the procedure?

A. The ‘Track in a Pack’ has a 12 month warranty. If you do have a problem then you must contact customer services, if we can not fix the problem then we will dispatch a new unit to you. 

Q. How do I know when to charge the battery and can I view the battery level on the ‘Track in a Pack’ panel?

A. You can view the battery strength at all times in the online tracking software. The ‘Track in a Pack’ automatically sends the battery strength every 30 minutes. The ‘Track in a Pack’ also indicates a low battery on the device via a red light under the battery indicator. You can also receive a low battery warning via SMS and email.

Q. How long does the battery last on the ‘Track in a Pack’?

A. The endurance of the battery depends on what interval you set your device to send its data. Average battery life will last around 4-7 days. If the device is switched on but in standby mode then you can expect around 160 hours.

Q. Is the ‘Track in a Pack’ waterproof?

A. Yes the ‘Track in a Pack’ is water resistant to standard IPX6.

Q. When the ‘Track in a Pack’ moves, can I view it in real time on the panel even at 5 seconds?

A. Yes you can. You also have a feature called ‘sound on’. If you then turn your speakers on, you will hear an audible sound every time the ‘Track in a Pack’ reports a position to the panel.

Q. Can I view more than one ‘Track in a Pack’ on my panel.

A. Yes you can view as many devices as you want on your panel.

Q. Will my ‘Track in a Pack’ work internationally?

A. The ‘Track in a Pack’ will work 24/7 in most countries around the world. Please consult our customer services for more information.

Q. Can I track the ‘Track in a Pack’ indoors?

A. The ‘Track in a Pack’ has restrictions under very extreme conditions. This does not mean that it will not give you a fresh position. Any GPS device has its limitations. If you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete roof then the chances of obtaining a valid GPS position is very thin. The ‘Track in a Pack’ has a very sensitive GPS receiver, it is GPS assisted. This helps the device to obtain a fix very quickly. In general you will find the ‘Track in a Pack’ performs to a very high standard and it will give you fresh GPS positions in most buildings.

Q. Do I require a special mobile phone to track the ‘Track in a Pack’?

A. No. If you have chosen to use this extra service then any mobile phone will allow you to instantly receive the full address details. The SMS that you receive will also indicate the time of the GPS position and the battery life. Simply call the ‘Track in a Pack’ from your mobile, after a few rings (the ‘Track in a Pack’ will not make any sound) your call will be cut off and the message will be on its way to you, it’s that simple.