Through its advanced, integrated technology, Global Tracking Technologies offers multiple vertical markets numerous benefits in applying effective tracking solutions.

Global Tracking Technologies selects only best of breed tracking devices for use within our solutions. This means that our users don’t have to worry about the hardware choice, or understanding the complexities of electronics, GPS, mobile communications or RFID. We focus purely on the problem and know instinctively which technologies are required, and our buying power means that we can offer the best prices on the market

The Global Tracking Technologies software operates across multiple platforms using a web-browser, desktop application or mobile handsets. The software has been created to be easily scalable, robust and open so as to integrate with other third-party software such as ERP applications.

Truly Global
Global Tracking Technologies have integrated 2 key technologies to enable a seamless global tracking: multiple mobile phone network compatibility and satellite communications with a global footprint. In addition, our software platform has mapping data for most of the globe.

The Service Provider’s Service Provider
For companies looking to use our technology to provide their own branded tracking system, Global Tracking Technologies takes a back seat whilst you as the service provider concentrate on the sales and marketing and we act as your technology provider and in-house research and development team.