GTT LRiT Vessel Tracking

GPS vessel tracking device

The GTT-201i-LRIT is designed to fully comply with the IMO’s mandatory SOLAS V/19-1, Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) Regulations. These regulations state that vessels over 300 gross tonnes – venturing in international waters – must send regular reports to their designated flag authority identifying:

• Ship ID

• Ship position

• Date and time of the ship position

All vessels must have compliant equipment installed by their first radio survey in 2009.

Why the GTT-201i-LRIT?

• Fully compliant with the SOLAS V19.1 regulations for Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT)

• Proven technology

• Lowest cost standalone solution available today – no hidden extras

• Easy to install

• Low profile for discreet installation

• Inmarsat IGTTM2M protocol

• Seamless global coverage across all ocean regions