Si : Solar Powered Tracking & Monitoring

“…Solar Infinity is a state of the art real-time solar tracking and monitoring device used in remote areas, across all oceans and in locations where cellular signals do not reach. […]

SC2 – Multipurpose Multimode GPS Tracking and Telemetry

“…A total, remote asset tracking and data communication solution that is hard-wired to any land, marine and tactical asset. This fit-for-purpose, M2M system is designed to withstand the most harsh […]

TrackinaPack – Multipurpose, High Accuracy GPS Tracking

trackinapack™ GPS Tracking Overview High performance, ease of use and value for money is at the heart of the system. trackinapack™ uses a powerful GPS tracking device combined with web based […]
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GlobalTag For Global Visibility and Tracking

“…across land, sea and air, this is a state of the art long life tracking device used in remote regions, across all oceans and in locations where cellular signals don’t […]
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Covert GPS Package & Shipment Tracking

“Track all your shipments, packages and high value assets using our brand new, assisted GPS, miniature gps tracker.” The TrackinaPack is a very small and powerful live tracking GPS device […]
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GPS Trailer, Truck and Plant Tracking Device

“Introducing the new Global GPS asset tag trackinapack HD. Simply and securely attached to any trailer, plant machinery or high value asset for 24/7 PAY AS YOU GO gps tracking.” […]
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What is GPS Tracking: Its Uses and Benefits

The GPS tracking system is becoming a part and parcel of almost everyone’s lives these days. Indeed, this innovation has made way to a lot of comfort and convenience to […]
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201i LRIT Ship Tracking System

The GTT-201i-LRIT is designed to fully comply with the IMO’s mandatory SOLAS V/19-1, Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) Regulations. These regulations state that vessels over 300 gross tonnes – […]
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GPS Tracking Systems and GPS Tracking Devices Basics

GPS or Global Positioning System is a means of determining your exact latitude, longitude, altitude and time. It is facilitated by a network of satellites and control stations developed, established […]
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